The World’s Top eBay Sellers 2020

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UPDATED: This post was updated in February 2020. Many thanks to ecommerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse for their help with the data.

Here’s the latest edition of the world’s top 1,000 eBay sellers, updated from our last edition published in late 2018. As well as the overall list, there’s a breakdown for five different countries, and an analysis of cross-border selling.

We also publish a list of the world’s top Amazon sellers.

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Who are the top 1,000 eBay sellers?

These are the sellers who have gained the most feedback in the last 12 months. Feedback volume is a useful approximation of the number of units sold, but is not directly linked to sales revenue.

The top three sellers on the list have been the same for five years running – worldofbooks08, musicmagpie and medimops. The whole top ten shows little movement, with only one seller entering since last time: of the US has climbed from #55 to #6, replacing ppretail from the UK who has only just fallen out of the top ten to #13.

So here it is: the full list. Use the “View More” link at the bottom to load one hundred more sellers each time you click.

# (1) Location Username Feedback (thousands)
Total (2) 12 mo 6 mo 1 mo Pos % (3)
1 worldofbooks08 7,912 1,692 868 137 98.8
2 musicmagpie 11,932 1,563 739 118 99.2
3 medimops 6,832 1,448 742 131 99.1
4 thrift.books 1,915 880 427 78 99.0
5 decluttr_store 2,252 624 282 47 98.8
6 1,009 503 288 51 98.7
7 atp-autoteile 5,373 489 234 36 98.9
8 rebuy-shop 2,185 463 190 35 98.4
9 get_importcds 3,405 332 150 25 99.4
10 discover-books 981 320 142 22 98.0
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1 – Sellers without an indicator were not in the 2018 list. Hover over the indicator to see the 2018 position.
2 – Total feedback received. This is shown instead of the better known Feedback Score, which can be an inaccurate indicator of sales volume.
3 – Positive feedback received in the last 12 months. This differs from eBay’s own feedback percentage calculation which excludes repeat feedback from the same member for purchases within the same calendar week.

How many top eBay sellers are cross-border traders?

27.5% of the top 1,000 eBay sellers are serious cross-border traders – they are based in one country, and make most of their sales to another country. After four years of steady growth, from 31% in 2014 to 39% in 2017, international selling has declined since 2018. This year, cross-border selling among the top 1,000 fell 24% from 362 to only 275 sellers.

Of the 275 international eBay traders, 85% are based in China or Hong Kong – 234 sellers in total. This is a sharp fall of 26% in the number of Chinese sellers, accounting for almost all of the overall drop in cross-border trade.

Which countries do Chinese businesses sell to?

This year, there has been a staggering decrease of 56% in the number of Chinese businesses in the top 1,000 list selling to the US and Canada, from 156 in 2018 to only 68 in 2020.

The number of Chinese businesses selling to the UK has stayed almost flat (from 56 to 54), while the number selling to Australia has fallen by 11% (from 64 to 57) and the number selling to Europe has increased by 38% (from 40 to 55).

Despite the steep drop in Chinese businesses trading to the US, cross-border selling on eBay is still dominated by China and Hong Kong. Over a quarter of the top 1,000 eBay sellers are Chinese traders selling to the US, Europe and Australia. International sellers from other parts of the world fell slightly – by 5% from 46 to 41 sellers.

eBay cross border trade 2020

Australia has been a big success story for eBay, and has also attracted a large number of Chinese sellers. Amazon started selling in Australia at the end of 2017, and has been slow to make a serious impact on eBay’s dominance there.

Top cross-border eBay sellers from outside China

Cross-border trade is not completely dominated by China. The top 100 features Belgian philatelist matthijs_philatelie at #17, who sells mostly to the US. Another Belgian stamp-seller, antverpiastamps, features at #86.

The huge German seller of used books and DVDs, medimops, trades on eBay France as momox, at #61 in the list, and in the UK as momox_uk, at #96 in the list.

The final non-Chinese cross-border seller in the top 100 is India’s 925silverpalace2012, and sells jewelry to the US.

It’s important to note that these are not the only international sellers, just those who primarily sell outside their home country. Huge numbers of eBay sellers trade across borders, while continuing to make the majority of their sales in their home country.

Which countries have the most top eBay sellers?

These are the countries with the most sellers in the top 1,000.

1 – The sum of feedback (in thousands) received in the last twelve months

While China has lost 83 sellers from the top 1,000, the UK has gained 55, putting it very comfortably at the top of the list. (Note that China and Hong Kong are shown separately above, but were combined in the section on cross-border trade.)

The number of US sellers in the top 1,000 is unchanged at 203, while Germany has gained 20 sellers and Australia has added 4. An interesting addition is Japan, which did not feature in the top 10 countries last time, but now has 5 sellers in the list.

The Top eBay Sellers in the US

The Top eBay Sellers in the UK

The Top eBay Sellers in China / Hong Kong

The Top eBay Sellers in Germany

# Location Username Feedback (thousands)
Total 12 mo 6 mo 1 mo Pos %
1 medimops 6,832 1,448 742 131 99.1
2 atp-autoteile 5,373 489 234 36 98.9
3 rebuy-shop 2,185 463 190 35 98.4
4 bandel-autoteile 1,869 308 150 21 99.0
5 no.1outlet 1,049 200 83 14 99.8
6 vhbw-online 1,130 193 99 13 98.6
7 brands4cars 1,006 184 87 13 99.2
8 *memoryking* 1,576 181 84 16 99.7
9 ubup 889 174 88 14 98.7
10 csl-computer 3,570 159 85 14 99.6
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The Top eBay Sellers in Australia

About the Data

The top seller lists were provided by ecommerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse in January 2020, with further data gathering and research on cross-border selling undertaken by Web Retailer.

The list is ordered by positive feedback in the last twelve months. Feedback is an indicator of sales volume, but not revenue. Not all buyers leave feedback, so the number of units sold will be higher than the volume of feedback received.

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