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READ this before you buy Storefront Stalker PRO!

Storefront Stalker PRO – What you should expect when you buy it?

The Storefront Stalker PRO Chrome Extension should do exactly what the owner says… but it’s not like that.

This is not just another article where you’ll find what is this chrome extension about. I will reveal to you some things that the owner of the app “forget” to tell you.

First of all. What this chrome extension should do? Storefront Stalker PRO is designed to grab all the ASINs of a seller from his storefront page in a CSV file. And after you upload the ASINs in Tactical Arbitrage for reverse search. It will look just like that…

But that’s enough. You already know everything that Storefront Stalker PRO should do. Now, let’s talk about they’re not telling us and we have to discover AFTER we pay $149. However, down below I will give you a Storefront Stalker PRO discount code. I am not affiliated with them, I just want to help you to get a substantial discount.

1. I personally asked Nate (the owner of the chrome extension) if this app will work for all marketplaces and he said YES. I was asking that because I live in Europe and I am interested only in the European marketplaces. When he gave me that positive answer LIVE (because it was a live event about Tactical Arbitrage), I said ok, I have to buy it! The ugly truth is that Storefront Stalker PRO DOESN’T WORK for Germany, Italy,France, Spain,Netherlands. Basically it works ONLY on US AND UK! So guys, if you live in Europe and you want to use it for Amazon’s European marketplaces…WILL NOT WORK unless you are selling ONLY in the UK. It’s nowhere written that!

2. BE CAREFULL which email address you use to register for Storefront Stalker PRO! I’m gonna tell you why. You chrome browser is activated by a gmail address, right? Take a look below.

Well, in my case, this email address is used for… daily usage. BUT for my PayPal (which I used to pay for Storefront Stalker PRO) I am using a different email address. The personal one. And usually, when I buy something with Paypal, I am using the same address for registration for that product, app, etc. Well, what they didn’t say was that I am able to install and use the chrome extension ONLY ON A BROWSER that is activated with that specific email address.

And YES, you’re right! I had to register a fresh chrome browser with the personal email address to be able to use Storefront Stalker PRO. It wasn’t a good experience AT ALL! They should say something about that and warn the clients! I understand they did this for their protection against people who share the chrome extension, against hackers, etc. But they should write an article about that exactly in the way they knew to write an article about how great this chrome extension is!

It is the only service, product, software, you name it, who is FORCING ME to use it only in their way! I have sent an email to Nate and I got no reply back! I posted on the Facebook group, NO ANSWER back! I feel like they don’t give a damn about me anymore after I just put 89$ in their pocket. VERY VERY VERY bad customer experience I had with them!

In the end, somebody should warn future clients about this. Be careful! To know everything about these problems because you can’t rely on customer support. Once you paid, you’re not interesting anymore.

BUT, it’s a big BUT. If you’re selling on Amazon and you’re doing Online Arbitrage, you will need such help that Storefront Stalker PRO offer. Just try to do everything perfectly at the beginning!

I will let here a Storefront Stalker PRO discount code and hopefully all of you will take advantge of it. Because to pay full price is… spicy.

Storefront Stalker PRO chrome extension discount code: Take60 for $60 OFF!

Take care everyone!