eBay Holds 25-Year Anniversary Party Virtually

eBay Holds 25-Year Anniversary Party Virtually

eBay is holding a virtual event on September 25 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its founding. eBay will send swag and collectibles to sellers who register for the event by August 25.

When held in real life, such events can help foster goodwill among users. Because users can’t attend in person, eBay is asking them to share videos and images online. It’s asking recipients of the swag to use the hashtag #ebay25 on social media “to share photos or videos of yourself unboxing it.”

The swag includes t-shirts, according to a reader who registered (“I signed up and they asked me my t-shirt size”).

Participants who are willing to let eBay use their photos and videos must include the hashtag #iagree in their social media posts signifying they agree to terms and conditions.

On the agenda for the event:

Look back
See how far we’ve come together. From eBay’s start as one of the first dot-com companies to now connecting hundreds of millions of buyers and sellers around the globe, we’ll highlight our favorite moments from our 25-year journey.

Look ahead
Raise a glass to the future, and get excited about what’s next for both eBay and ecommerce as a whole. Our next 25 years is going to be powered by sellers like you, and we’re committed to being your partner of choice.

Let’s take a break, rejoice in our accomplishments, and have some fun! Play trivia, network with your community, dance to the virtual DJ, and more.

In 2005, eBay celebrated its 10-year anniversary on July 25th at the Santa Clara convention center near its hometown of San Jose, California. The event featured founder Pierre Omidyar and then-CEO Meg Whitman and was held during its fourth annual eBay Live user convention that attracted nearly 12,000 attendees.

Ten years later, eBay celebrated its 20th anniversary on September 11, 2015, at the convention center in San Jose.

For this year’s event, eBay is also making available anniversary items for purchase, including stickers and postcards. (Presumably to include inside orders or applied to the outside of packages sent to eBay customers.)

And it’s providing eBay-branded digital backgrounds and filters that sellers can use in their photos and videos.

This year’s event is called the 25th Anniversary Sellerbration.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner

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