Amazon’s “Request a Review” Button: Every Question Answered

You can still request reviews through buyer-seller messaging. As mentioned before, there are restrictions (such as not asking specifically for a positive review), but it is still allowed.

Buyer-seller messaging allows sellers to fully personalize their review requests, customize the subject line and content, insert a logo and attach files. You must be aware of the review policies and communication guidelines otherwise it’s very easy to get slapped with a restriction. Also make sure you are aware of the policy changes announced in September 2020.

There are software tools on the market (like my app FeedbackWhiz) which can provide automation for buyer-seller messaging emails and the Request a Review button. This means you create a process for requesting reviews, configured to run when and how you want, and let it run on autopilot instead of manually sending messages.

One final point is that when using the Request a Review button, Amazon shows a message which says two things that may come across as a little odd:

  1. It hints that you shouldn’t request a review at all, even though you just clicked a button created to do exactly that.
  2. It asks politely that you use the button to request a review, instead of buyer-seller messaging, if you really do want to request a review!

Here’s how it looks, with bold added to highlight those points:

Request a Review

We don’t require you to request reviews because our systems already do that at no cost to you. However, if you prefer to request a review for this order, please use this feature instead of asking the customer via email or buyer-seller messaging.

When you use this feature, we will send the customer an email requesting product and seller reviews for this order. We automatically translate review requests to the customer’s preferred language.

Are you sure you want to request a review for this order?

It’s easy to see why many sellers believe that they are not allowed to request a review through buyer-seller messaging. However, Amazon’s Q&A on product reviews, as well as the policy changes in September 2020, make it clear that you can still ask for reviews this way.