5 Best Amazon Seller Tools for Private Label Sellers

Success with Amazon private labeling is about getting every element just right.

First, get the research right so you can identify a niche where demand is high but the competition is weak. Then get the sourcing right, so you can buy a quality product at a profitable price.

To start sales moving you need to get the right listing page built and optimized, and a steady stream of positive product reviews coming in. Finally, analytics are essential to stay on top of sales, monitor advertising spend, and calculate your true profits with all costs taken into account.

None of this would be possible without sufficient funding to make your initial investment in inventory, to pay for advertising, to reorder in bulk, and to develop new products.

So, which are the best tools for Amazon private label sellers, to get ahead of the game in all these areas? Read on to find out.

At a glance

Best for research: Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is a very popular tool, with over 200,000 Amazon sellers signed up. The main product research and sourcing features are:

  • A database of 70 million products available on Amazon. This can be filtered by category, sales rank, estimated sales, competition level and more, to help find the best product opportunities.
  • A product tracker which monitors inventory levels, sales, pricing and sales rank to provide more detailed information on selected products.
  • An innovative supplier database to help research suppliers, find the manufacturer of a specific product, and compare supplier quotes.
  • A keyword research tool to show what Amazon customers are searching for, including the keywords that specific products rank for and PPC costs.

Jungle Scout is available either as a Chrome browser extension or as a web-based tool.

Chrome extension

The Chrome extension provides data from Jungle Scout’s product database in a convenient format – it allows you to search on Amazon and click to view data for the products on screen, including estimated sales, pricing, reviews, sales rank, “Opportunity Score” and more.

It costs $39 per month or $228 if you pay for a year in advance (less than half the monthly price).

Web-based tool

The web-based version includes all the features of Jungle Scout, covering the product research features described above plus analytics of your own sales, automated buyer emails, a product promotions tool, listing builder and more.

It costs $49 per month, or more if connected to an Amazon selling account with over 500 orders per month. Annual pricing is $468 per year – a saving of 20%. Bundle pricing is available if you want to have both the Chrome extension and the web-based tool together.

User feedback

Users are overwhelmingly positive about Jungle Scout. It is popular and highly rated, and has introduced a number of innovative features in recent years. Pricing is expensive for sellers with higher order volumes, but that can be avoided if only using the research tools.

Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial but has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Best for listing optimization: River Cleaner


River Cleaner is a tool with several features to help sellers optimize their Amazon product listings. Features include:

  • Listing audit tool which highlights potential problems with the product title, images, keywords and bullet points.
  • Keyword optimization by identifying keywords that are in the listing but not indexed by Amazon, so should be removed, and additional long-tail keywords that could be added to the listing.
  • Search rank tracking down to country or U.S. state level to help detect if your position changed and why.
  • Checking for potential trademark infringement or violations of Amazon’s terms, to help protect against future claims.
  • Instant mobile device preview 

River Cleaner’s listing optimization features are its most comprehensive and advanced, but it also has features outside this area. These include a sales dashboard, landing page builder, email designer and hijacker alerts.

River Cleaner has a 14-day free trial for one product, and is then priced based on the number of ASINs (Amazon listings) that you want to optimize or receive alerts for. One product is $27 dollars per month, five products are $37 per month, 10 products are $57 per month etc.

Users report that River Cleaner is a great automated tool to make sure their Amazon listings are being used to their fullest potential. It helps sellers navigate Amazon’s complex terms and avoid mistakes, but the price can work out rather high for sellers with many ASINs.

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Best for reviews: FeedbackExpress


FeedbackExpress is a tool for Amazon sellers which sends automatic feedback requests to buyers to help generate more product reviews. Some highlights are:

  • Options to control when feedback requests are sent, including setting the time of day and excluding orders that were delayed.
  • Only sending requests based on fulfillment type, ASIN, buyer location and more.
  • Mobile alerts for negative seller feedback and product reviews.
  • Customizable email templates in five languages, and automatic insertion of product images, titles, order information, review links etc.

FeedbackExpress offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. After the trial, pricing starts at £18 (around $24) for 1,000 emails per month and ranges up to £70 (around $90) for 25,000 emails per month. Annual plans include a 15% discount, which is equivalent to approximately two months for free.

Users of FeedbackExpress highly rate the setup, user interface and support, and say it is effective in bringing in more product reviews. However, Amazon has made it more difficult for sellers to ask for reviews, allowing buyers to opt-out from non-essential buyer messages, so the effectiveness of feedback tools is likely to decline in the future.

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Best for analytics: ManageByStats


ManageByStats is another seller tool with a range of features in different areas, but its core functionality is the collection of data about your Amazon sales, and sophisticated reporting to help you analyze your performance and decide what changes to make. Features include:

  • Customizable dashboard with key performance indicators, sales statistics over different time periods, restocking alerts, profit margins and more.
  • Profit calculator including product costs, Amazon fees, advertising costs, sales tax and more.
  • Graphs for 20+ sales and marketing statistics over different time periods.
  • Customer and transaction databases which can be searched and filtered in different ways.
  • Inventory management tools and restocking forecasts.

As well as analytics, ManageByStats includes a feedback request system, a PPC advertising manager, and product and keyword research tools.

ManageByStats has a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. The main “professional” price plan costs $59.97 per month. A cheaper starter plan includes only research tools for $19.97 per month.

Users of ManageByStats say it provides a lot of functionality for a very reasonable price. Users say the data provided is accurate, easy to understand and insightful. The user interface is not always intuitive but customer support is very good. Because a wide range of features are provided, some sellers have replaced multiple tools as well as Excel spreadsheets with ManageByStats.

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Best for financing: Payability


Payability is a financing tool for Amazon sellers and ecommerce businesses. Their “Instant Access” service provides next-day payouts for Amazon sales, and the “Instant Advance” service offers upfront funding of up to $250,000 in only 24 hours.

Instant Access

Instant Access provides Amazon sellers with 80% of their previous day’s sales each day, then the remaining 20 percent (minus Payability’s fee) when the payout is received from Amazon. 

The fee is 1-2% of gross sales and sellers need at least three months of selling history and average monthly sales of $2,000 to qualify.

Instant Advance

Instant Advance provides capital for sellers to grow their business, based on marketplace sales and account health, so no traditional credit checks are required.

Fees start at 0.5% per week and early repayments can be made to lower the fees. The typical advance amount is 75% to 150% of your monthly marketplace sales. Sellers need at least nine months of selling history and average monthly sales of $10,000 to qualify.

User feedback

Sellers who have used Payability say that customer support is fast and that agents are knowledgeable. Some users have given positive feedback on Payability’s reporting but others have said it is overly complex, and that their fees are difficult to understand and reconcile in their accounting systems. Overall, sellers say that the service works well and has helped them increase their inventory, pay bills on time and grow more quickly.

External funding is not to be taken lightly and is not right for every seller, but those with fast-growing sales might find it helps maintain cashflow and allows them to reorder stock in sufficient quantities to keep up with sales and get volume discounts from their suppliers.

Payability also offers a Visa card providing 2% cashback on purchases, helping to offset their fees.

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